Look Up, Look, Back

Perhaps you can pinpoint the person from your past that made a pivotal difference in your life.  The person that took a special interest in your success or who gave you the beginnings of what turned into a life-long interest or career.

The “Look Up Look Back” mentor program was designed with the belief that people in business, government, social services, the arts and other career fields can provide a unique and worthwhile learning experience for young people through exposure to the work environment.  This type of exposure will enhance the schoolwork of hard working student participants and at the same time (sometimes for the 1st time) allow them to experience the real world of work. 

“Look Up Look Back” asks mentors for a “day-in-the-life” participation.  One day’s dedication focusing on not only the technical aspects of the job, but the work principles, quality of service and respect for clients, management and co-workers required for successful operation in the workplace.  Our hope is that one day these same students will extend themselves to others with the only goal being to increase knowledge and further the virtues of community service. 

“Look Up, Look Back” also sponsors a limited internship program through TeAM, Inc.  We are expanding the program’s capabilities each year and examine the needs of each student on a case-by-case basis.  If you know of a worthy student candidate, or as a qualified business professional you would like to volunteer as a mentor, please contact us.  You can send an email to us at contact@lukefoundation.org .