Boston, MA


Information about the chapter

Boston, MA, United States

Who We Are

The LUKE Foundation Boston chapter is dedicated to helping student thrive in the 21st century.  The LUKE Foundation will educate students and parents about the key resources available within the community that will help them achieve their goals and dreams through programs, seminars, conferences, and relationships.  We are an organization that is innovative and forward thinking.


Why Join our Chapter?

The Boston Chapter of the LUKE Foundation’s vision is to provide students and parents with resources to help them understand how to navigate and utilize resources available to them by providing them with education in order to make informed decisions. Through our programs, seminars and conferences, we provide exposure to careers, avenues to success, opportunities, thinking outside of the box, and a way to achieve new careers as possibilities and opportunities versus just a passing thought. 

Join our chapter and get access to educators, businesses and the vast array of resources available to students and parents in the greater community.

  1. How do I join this chapter?
    • Students 13 years old and under must be registered by a parent to join the chapter and participate in activities. To join simply click the button on this page labeled "MEMEBRSHIP" and fill-out and submit the form for each of your students. It's fast and it's fun!

Chapter Leadership

Tamra A. Blake

Executive Director

Contact Person